Horizon Berlin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA”Dreaming Bassist” 2012 Aquatinta 25x65cm

Each of the works at the Berlin exhibition are connected to music, the soundscape that is playing on the background of my visual journey. Music has always had a central place in my life, and in this exhibition I will put up some of my most important encounters. I was able to see Nick Cave perform live for the first time in Berlin. His dark and raspy sound has colored my wandering for a long time. Music can also give wings to one’s imagination: how great it is to jam along with Miles Davis or Tom Waits. The cooperation of the instrument and the player’s hands has the same sensitivity I aspire to when I’m working with my instruments in my atelier.

Above: ”Loom of the Land” with two Fans in Galerie Pleiku 2013
 Below: ”Sound of Silence 1 & 2”

 ”Loom of the Land” details:




Visual Artist, University Lecturer